Adhaar Status

You may examine the position of your Aadhaar status enrolment online.

  • To examine your Aadhaar cards position, you need the enrolment variety, period and time.

  • You may also discover these details on the acknowledgement as well as resident copy released at the renowned Aadhaar enrolment camping structured by the Unique Recognition Power of Indian government (well known as UIDAI).

However, you should remember that the unique term Aadhaar has believed many different spellings as well as variations eventually – such as Aadhar, Adhar.  Sometime, it is changed with the phrase UID.

Aadhaar Card Distribution Status

India Publish is accountable for providing your Aadhaar cards at your doorstep. Indian Publish provides the following service for monitoring your Aadhaar cards delivery position.

If the UIDAI website shows, your Aadhaar cards position as produced or on the road to Indian Publish, you can use the following monitoring service to discover the delivery position of your Aadhaar cards.

Visit this link to examine delivery status:

You would need your enrolment variety and enrolment time.


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