EPF Balance Status


  1. first , you should visit at http://epfindia.gov.in/MembBal.html

  2. Then scroll the page and click on given link to know about the exact balance.

  3. After that, you should move to next step, now you need to select the state of PF office. For instance, your PF office is located in Mumbai and your PF A/C number begins with MH/MUM then your state would be Maharashtra. Now you need to select suitable state from the given list.

  4. After selecting the state of PF office, you will find another list on that webpage with the list of total EPF offices in a particular state. In case, you are not aware about the right location of EPF state code as well as office code then you can search that by visiting at

  5. The next webpage would ask for basic for establishment code. It also asks your A/C number, mobile number and name. Your mobile number is normally used for updating you the information regarding your PF A/C.

    • In case ,you’re A/C  no. is MH/MUM/222222/4321
    • Then 222222 would be the establishment code and
    • 4321 would be your unique A/C number.
  1. Now fill all the information and click on given option of “I agree” and after that submit. If you have submitted all the information correctly then a message will be sent to you with complete information of your PF A/C as well as balance.

  2. If you do not have any idea about establishment code then you may search for the code through search option. For searching the establishment code, you need to submit some details for instance office name.

  3. In case, you have joined a company ad got a message explaining invalid member identity or data not found then you should not worry as often it takes time to be updated.


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