EPF Claim Status

This service is designed for EPF subscribers/ pensioners/members who have proposed a claim in a particular EPFO office in India. By using this service, you may track the right status of a particular claim. For using this service, you should get knowledge about important PF account number.

On the page of claim status, choose the office of local provident fund along with the particular employer keeps his/her PF A/C and then enter your particular EPF A/C number.

  1. if you want to know about your status of claim then you should visit this link http://www.epfindia.com/ClaimStatus_New.html

  2. In case you have already known your EPF office place wherein your claim need to be maintained then choose the same from webpage of office list.

  3. After chosen the office, the required area code as well as office code will be automatically appeared in the given boxes.

  4. Now you need to enter the right establishment code in given third box that should be of seven digits.

  5. If your establishment code is an extension or sub code then you should enter the similar here. It may be a letter or digit as particular case would be and could be maximum three characters in length. If you do not have sub code or extension code to the particular establishment code then leave the box very blank.

  6. Now enter you are A/C no. that should be only seven digits.

  7. Now finally, you can click on option of submit in order to find the exact status.


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